Garden maintenance

Whatever your gardening needs are, we can help. At WestCoast we beleive in creating beautiful outdoor spaces for our clients to relax and enjoy. We acheive this goal through our hard work, attention to detail and exceptional customer service.

Weather a residential or commercial property we strive to create satsifaction through providing the best garden maintanence service possible.

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Some of the services we offer

Additional Services

The benefit of employing our company is that we specialise in gardening AND reticulation repairs and installations. A lot of gardeners wont be skilled or able to repair reticulation and conversly many reticulation specialists refuse to engage in gardening work. With WestCoast you have the best of both worlds having tradespeople that understand both therefore see deeper into how to take care of your garden. It’s a higher level service when it comes to your gardens maintenance.

Often we may see things others have missed and are better poised to find the right solution to have your garden optimally taken care of.

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Whatever your needs gardening needs are, we can help. Call us now to schedule your appointment on 0423 175 180